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How We Met

It was bright, almost blinding when I first arrived in that field, the sun glaring down on me making the golden wheat shimmer. The light was so intense it made me dizzy, my eyes unfocused and uncertain; I couldn’t make sense of this new land that stood before me, bright, full of an unending opportunity of peace and prosperity, hope. I was an adventurer, having crossed vast seas in the hopes of finding something new, something amazing and here it was, I found it. When my eyes had adjusted to the brightness and I could finally see, the soft waving wheat of the large field, they whispered softly to one another as they swayed. A soft sound that resembled shushing, it was as though everything was alive. My hair messily whipped around my head and brushed into my eyes, I looked up at the sky and I swear it had never been so blue. Such an endless blue that lay before me.

The sound of the wind blowing through my ears wasn’t harsh and unyielding, but soft, almost like a soft caress. That was when I knew, I knew this land would give me something amazing. In those moments you appeared before me. An innocent smile on your face as you looked back and saw me there; I was startled to say the least. But I had found you, the country that you represented stood no higher than my knees. We shared a moment as we gazed at each other across the field; I was something new, foreign to you who was so small and yet so very vast.

A flicker of hope resonated within me then, I knew what I wanted. I wanted to cherish you, protect you and help you to grow into a strong country. I the Great English Empire was going to shape this newfoundland, make it better than any other country in the world.
This is for :iconnavii16: However, if you want a longer one or something different then just tell me.
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November 19, 2012
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